Houses for rent

Houses for rent

You can enjoy the atmosphere of Amatciems even if you don’ t purchase a property there. At the village we offer different types of accomodation - houses for rent and design Spa hotel with wide range of services for a peaceful restful highly enjoyable holiday.

It is a great opportunity for you to enjoy the unique atmosphere of the village, to feel the peace, tranquility and power of nature. You will see a marvelous view with waterways, landscape, forest and wild animals. You will be able to feel colors of all four seasons, sun and stars, snow and rain.

For more information, please, check the left side under Houses for rent, as well as you can click on property name below. You are welcome as well communicate to us through Contacts.

House for rent Paceplīši

House for rent Malvas

House for rent Apogi

House for rent Tūbīši

House for rent Bisītes

Rooms for rent

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