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If you are a discerning person, looking for a different lifestyle, and a place of beauty surrounded by nature, then Amatciems is for you. This is surely the most unique village in the whole of Latvia, the Baltic States and possibly the rest of Europe.

The village has already attracted those who value simplicity and uncomplicated living. The plots do not have fences, which allow the free movement of wildlife including Deer, Foxes, Birds and other wildlife within the estate.

Marvelous views of rolling hills, lakes, fields and forests bring a feeling of peace and tranquility.

The same as a real nature is experienced at Amatciems, so is a real convenience. Each plot is completely connected to electrical, sewage, water and internet supply. Great benefit for life in Amatciems is optical cable that ensures high speed internet (1 Gbit/s) that allows you to enjoy the nature in same time do your daily work. The heating system for the most part of the houses is earth heating pump in order to reduce the amount of emission in the atmosphere. This has all been planned to retain the ecological balance of the environment.

All the houses in Amatciems have been connected to security and fire alarm system. Security person is on place in the village 24h/ per day that ensures instantly reaction. The territory of the village is monitored by 24h video surveillance.

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