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All dwellings are designed to be in harmony with the environment.

There are three different construction types that can be chosen. These are, wood framed, or structures of horizontal logs or brick building. The most popular construction is that of horizontal wood logs that can be supplement with ornamental wood boarding, coloured plastering or glass decoration. We allow three types of roofing. These are thatched, wood chip, clay or cement tiles, and finally grass covering.

We will also consider individual projects in other materials.

In some of the areas, which are for sale the construction of the living house has been started. The price of these houses consists only of the expenditure used for construction. It gives each owner the option to choose the style of further construction and decoration. It is possible to realize individual wills in the layout of house basement and attic.

In the areas for sale where the construction has not been started then the construction project has to fit in with the overall general impression of the village and follow the construction rules laid down by within the Amata area. It is always possible to choose of the suggested standard projects and adapt it to your own personal needs. There are interesting log house projects which fit in perfectly with the surrounding landscape. Standard projects combine minimal construction with maxim room space. It is possible to make a home to your own exacting standarts and wishes, which fits in perfectly with the surrounding landscape and complies with the local rules and regulations.

You are welcome to inspect our homes which are truly connected to the sights, smells and sounds of an organic environment. Size of plots range from 4,000 to 10,000 square meters.

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