Amatciems - a village of detached houses of unified architectural quality in a picturesque location.

The unique landscape is made up of all the basic elements of nature: flowing landscape, clear water, fresh air, a warm fire in the fireplaces and glorious sunset rays, thousands of trees and ancient stones in the landscape.

Idea, environment, houses

The total area of Amatciems is 300 ha. Currently, already 100 families live in the village.

300 properties have been created and provided with communications, but we continue to work on new plots and landscapes. We offer to buy fully completed houses and land with the possibility to build a house according to a project of your choice. It is also possible to purchase larger areas of land for investment projects.

Properties for sale

Here dominates nature. Not a man.

The idea of village came to me when I realized my desire to live in a facilitated, picturesque and forest enclosed property near the lake. Amatciems is result of this idea and now home for me, my children, friends and other people who hold the same view regarding to the place of residence. I admit - initially I developed the project to fulfill my selfish desire to live in the environment that is suitable for me. 

My purpose is to maintain the natural environment as much as possible. Near the lawn, I leave also meadow with wild flowers and do not turn forest into park. I leave dead or wind cracked trees and tore roots of trees in the forest as pleasure and covert for wild animals – woodpeckers, squirrels or foxes. The visual image of the village displays the environment where a man lives in harmony with nature. In the lawn you will not find the glow-worm but when the darkness falls in Amatciems you can find hundreds of small “eyes” that glow in the grass.  During the summer time in the ponds resounds the chorus of green frogs that is a great honor for me because the green frogs live only in a very clean and unpolluted environment.

Čiris, Developer and owner of project Amatciems


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Ask us your question and we will contact you

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