Amatciems - a village of detached houses of unified architectural quality in a picturesque location.

The unique landscape is made up of all the basic elements of nature: flowing landscape, clear water, fresh air, a warm fire in the fireplaces and glorious sunset rays, thousands of trees and ancient stones in the landscape.

All the elements of nature are also present in every house, protecting the peace and health of the residents and providing a balance with nature.

For the convenience of the residents, Amatciems has all modern communications: the required capacity of green electricity is generated by a solar panel park, drinking water is obtained from a deep well, sewage is discharged outside the village to municipal treatment plants, high-speed trunk optical networks and modern technologies guarantee uncompromising internet speed.


In Amatciems, the forest has not been turned into a city park, but there is a flowering meadow next to a well-kept lawn. A mown lawn usually has no fireflies, but in Amatciems, on warm summer nights, hundreds of little lights glow in the grass. A sonorous chorus of green frogs can be heard in the ponds. The balance between the environment, developed infrastructure and visual aesthetics creates the image of a premium class village, proving the harmony between man and nature.

The idea of creating a village is to realise the desire to live in a well-maintained, picturesque property, surrounded by forest and by the water. The internal rules of the village are intended for like-minded people who do not see them as restrictive, but as promoting peace and quiet. They are no fences, no loud noises are allowed in the evenings and at night, and it reminds us that a dog is a companion who stays indoors at night.


To achieve the harmonious integration of buildings into the environment, the location of the houses in each specific property is very carefully considered. We offer standard house projects that can be customised to the client's wishes, or you can choose your own individual project (in this case, the building project must be coordinated with the project developer).

The main criteria for the location of the building are relief, landscape and the cardinal points. Careful evaluation is carried out to ensure that the houses fit into the landscape, at the same time offering the residents of the house the best views of nature from the inside.

The house can be built using one of three types of construction - timber framed, log building or stone building, supplementing it with a boulder, decorative timber facing, painted plaster or glass exterior walls. Allowed roof coverings - reeds, torn wood chips, clay or cement tiles, as well as lawn coverings.

Village plan

Land with house for sale
Land for sale
Hotel / Rental house
Parking space
Video surveillance
Gate barrier
Rural road


Amatciems provides a perfect and practical transition from the city to the countryside, as the village combines the rural idyll with modern technology.

In Amatciems, the dream of living outside the hustle of the city is not overshadowed by possible worries of constant maintenance of the property. The Customer Support Service - the management company - provides round-the-clock support to residents to solve any problem or customer request as quickly as possible, both in the operation of the village infrastructure and in other household issues.

Village area

The area of Amatciems has a unified infrastructure with provided security, video surveillance, road lighting and barriers to enter the village.


The village provides routine maintenance of common areas and infrastructure, as well as individual management services are available if needed.


The village has an optical internet cable system.

Smart living

A smart device management application designed for operational communication and information exchange between the villagers and the management company.


The electricity grids in the village are owned by the management company, part of the power is generated by solar energy.


Most houses are heated by an individually installed heat pump, but alternative heating methods are also available.

Water supply

The village area has a central water supply from a 175 m deep artesian well, which provides the residents with high-quality and tasty drinking water.


The houses are connected to the joint sewerage system, which is the only sewerage disposal system.

Waste storage and disposal

A municipal waste storage container is placed next to each house, and sorted waste containers are located in the village.

Construction and internal rules

In order ensure the residents of Amatciems with a peaceful and quiet environment where it is possible to work creatively and relax with family and friends, we have created Construction and internal rules of the village.

These rules guarantee a harmonious lifestyle and like-minded neighbors who respect nature and peace. The internal rules of the village are intended for like-minded people who do not see them as restrictive, but as promoting peace and quiet. They are no fences, no loud noises are allowed in the evenings and at night, and it reminds us that a dog is a companion who stays indoors at night.

The existing spatial plan for 2014-2025 determines general and specific requirements for the use and construction of the area. Amatciems is a detached house building area (DZS1) - a functional area established to ensure the function of an independent lifestyle, providing appropriate infrastructure, and the main use of which is 1) detached houses and 2) summer houses. Additional use - public construction, construction of trade and service facilities, tourism, recreation facilities, education, health care and social care facilities. 

To ensure that the village area is a private house area (with common areas determined by the manager), all land plots shall be used for the construction and use of residential buildings only. It is allowed to build one single-family house, a bathhouse, a garage next to the house and other structures used for the household needs of a single family. The use of the property in the area of the village shall not be allowed to be used for religious and cult activities, political activities, bars, discos and dance clubs, casinos and gaming halls, placing of gaming machines, the provision of intimate and similar services, the organisation of other entertainment of a similar nature, trade and mass services, any manufacturing or other activities involving increased noise levels and odours.

Amatciems is planned as a village of detached houses in a unified style; therefore, the construction, reconstruction, placement or preservation of any single-family house, garage, fence, other structures, swimming pools, tennis courts or other recreational facilities on any plot is only allowed with the written approval of the project by the Manager and Cēsis Municipality Building Authority. 

To ensure a tidy and attractive landscape, the placement or construction of tents, caravans, mobile homes, caravans, cellars, sheds, garages or other buildings for temporary or permanent use or for any other purpose shall not be allowed on any plot, except for in cases when such objects are necessary in connection with the construction of a single-family house on the relevant plot.

The allowed type of construction is timber frame, log buildings, masonry, stone, glass, including prefabricated buildings, modules. Allowed roof coverings - reeds, torn wood chips, clay or cement tiles, as well as lawn coverings. Additional finishing of the exterior walls - boulder, decorative timber facing, painted plaster, glass. The main restrictive rule when choosing a new building is its harmonious integration into the environment.

Each house in the village is planned individually, so as to preserve the picturesque view from any property; the fence (if the owner wants it) shall be transparent at a minimum of 50%, the material used - wood, height - up to 1.2 m. The fence must be stylistically coordinated with the architecture of the building and the adjacent plot. Due to the fact that the village is surrounded by large forest tract, forest animals are fond of walks around Amatciems, so fences around the perimeter of the property are not recommended in order not to interfere with the free movement of animals.

In the process of creating the village, special care was taken to preserve the trees that had been growing for years and to create new plantings to open up the view of the landscape or to close the yard from the eyes of others. Therefore, before expanding, reducing or removing plantations on any plot, a landscaping project must be developed and submitted to the Manager.

When planting a plot, the project does not need to be developed for plants and plantations that will not exceed 2 m in height at maximum growth. Any forest plants of natural origin - especially mosses, lichens, heathers, etc. - must be treated with care, preserving them in their natural origins as much as possible. Old, dry standing trees should be preserved as much as possible. Our opinion on lawn mowing: do not mow more than a few times a season. If we mow the lawn every weekend, the flowers in our yard will not be able to bloom and we are essentially removing one of the regulatory ecosystem services that determines not only the size and diversity of invertebrate populations but also the diversity of nature by reducing pollinator feeding grounds, thus there are fewer pollinators for fruit trees. The best time to mow is when most of the flowers have finished blossoming and the seeds have matured. Outside the lawn - roadsides, borders of a forest - we only mow 2 times a year.

We encourage residents to adapt to nature - it is more efficient: we save money, water, energy and time caring for the lawn, rather than trying to turn every place into a green lawn. If the lawn has not been mown all summer, it should be mown and collected before winter, to prevent the formation of thatch.

Why is it important to collect and remove grass from where we potentially want to see meadow plants? The grass contains nutrients, and leaving it on the lawn has a fertilising effect, increasing soil fertility; but unlike crops we expect to harvest, the meadow needs reduced soil fertility.

Dogs, cats, or other small animals that are generally recognised as pets may be kept in the area of Amatciems. Out of respect for the other residents and visitors of Amatciems, the free movement of dogs is only allowed in the fenced area of their property. For forest animals to move freely and to prevent barking dogs from disturbing other residents, the dog must be kept indoors at night and when the dog is not under the direct supervision of the owner.

In support of the humane treatment of animals, keeping a dog on a chain is not allowed, but the owner must ensure that the dog does not go outside its territory, which can be provided by discipline or an electric fence (the dog has a collar that sends an electric current, that is not harmful to its health, when it goes outside of a certain territory).

Outside this territory, dogs must be kept on a leash. To ensure the safety and health of your pets and others, pets must be vaccinated in accordance with the veterinary requirements in force in the Republic of Latvia. Forest animals must be treated with care, without disturbing their movement, and they should stay in the village as much as possible.

As there are no fences in the village, the properties are partially transparent and create the overall image of the village, so the owners of unoccupied and/or undeveloped plots must keep these plots tidy at all times by regularly mowing overgrown grass and shrubs, and preventing the accumulation of various types of waste.

To ensure a peaceful and quiet environment in Amatciems, it is not allowed to perform activities that disturb public order or violates dignity on any plot, as well as to perform any activities disturbing or offending the owners of other plots, including loud parties and picnics outside the house.

Out of respect for the residents who are spending their holidays or leisure time in Amatciems and want to relax, the operation of loud mechanical devices (lawn mowers, drills and other noise-producing tools) before 9:00 and after 21:00 is not allowed. It is also not allowed to play music from cars and outdoors in such a way that it is disturbing to neighbours.

Due to the fact that a large part of the roofs of the houses are made of reeds, any type of fireworks are not allowed, except for centralised fireworks in a specially designated place at the common festivals of the village, organised by the Manager.

Fishing - one of the most popular leisure activities in Amatciems. Individual fishing is allowed in the pond of your plot or in the ponds shared by several owners. Commercial fishing is not allowed.

To ensure a quiet environment, the use of motorised water vehicles, other than those with electric motors, is not allowed in any of the water bodies, in common ponds and on individual plots of land. Swimming and using rowing and pedal boats on the ponds is not restricted, regardless of the boundaries of the property, but the use of the shore on someone else’s property is not allowed without the owner's permission.

Heat pump circuits are not allowed to be installed in water bodies that are shared with other owners.

It is also not allowed to place stationary amusement parks or artificial elements in ponds for public use.


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